Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

NOTE: All training is customized to fit the needs of your district, state or organization.

• 3 to 6 hours of speaker presentation, audience participation and discussions.
• Additional day of on-site consultation to address specific cases and situations.
• Video conference: 3-6 hours interactive presentation via Skype or Google Hangouts

On-site consultations

  • Direct consultation with districts, states or organizations on designing and implementing a swallowing and feeding team procedure. These consultations may be ongoing as needed.

For information on arranging a presentation, course or consultation please contact me.


Getting Started with a Comprehensive Procedure for Addressing Swallowing and Feeding in a School Setting

  • justification of addressing swallowing and feeding disorders in the school setting
  • IDEA requirements, educational relevance, and legal and ethical issues.
  • swallowing and feeding procedure that includes a step- by-step process
  • delineation of team member roles and responsibilities
  • working with families
  • documentation
  • intervention.