Professional Education

Emily Homer, MA, CCC-SLP presents to school districts throughout the United States on the topic of addressing swallowing and feeding disorders in schools. Presentations, professional development and consultations with school districts, state departments of education and professional organizations such as state speech and hearing associations, are tailored to the individual district’s or organization’s needs including the size of their district, training level of personnel in swallowing and feeding, and the current program in place.

Lectures, Workshops and Seminars Available

The purpose of training is to provide a platform for school districts, SLPs, OTs, PTs, school nurses and others to advocate for swallowing and feeding services by providing them with the information necessary to begin to identify and treat students with varying levels of swallowing and feeding disorders using a team approach. The “Students Eat Safely: Follow the Forms” procedure and accompanying forms are provided for districts to use and adapt to their needs.

Getting Started with a Comprehensive Procedure for Addressing Swallowing and Feeding in a School Setting
This presentation provides information on the justification of addressing swallowing and feeding disorders in the school setting based on IDEA, educational relevance, and legal and ethical issues. The session makes available a time-tested procedure that includes a step- by-step process, delineation of roles and responsibilities, working with families, documentation and intervention. Districts may adapt the procedures and forms presented to meet their individual needs.

Available Formats:
Almost any format that fits the needs of the district, state or organization may be arranged.

• Typical sessions are 3 to 6 hours of speaker presentation, audience participation and discussions.
• Addition of a second day of on-site consultation, addressing specific cases and situations in a district.
• Virtual Session: 3-6 hours interactive presentation via Zoom or Go to Meeting.
• On Site Consultations working directly with districts on designing and implementing a swallowing and feeding team procedure. (these consultations may be ongoing as needed)

NOTE: All training is customized to fit the needs and particulars of each district or state.

For information on arranging a presentation or course, please contact me.